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(Updated) More From FOB Falcon

12:52 PM, Jul 23, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The children's cemetery sounds like more of a probable explanation. Something like that is completely different from a "mass grave," where the inference was clearly made that the bodies were murdered. We were not notified of the discovery and movement of the cemetery, but as I said earlier- there is probably a grain of truth to what "Scott Thomas" said. If he was part of the detail, then it would explain the discussion about the bones. But, it still doesn't account for the disrespect allegedly paid to the remains by "Scott's" cohorts.

Also, Gateway Pundit has a statement from MNF-I on the "Scott Thomas" piece.

UPDATE: From a contractor who is currently serving in Iraq and who has spent time at FOB Falcon:

Please withhold my name and position as I am a civilian contractor and do not need to gain any notoriety.

I was at FOB Falcon on and off from 05 through mid 06. While I did not live there, I was a daily guest of the chow hall which was better than the locally procured and prepared Iraqi chow we got provided for us. In addition we usually hung around in between mission times trading pieces of kit and whatnot with the soldiers stationed there.

Not once did I ever notice a female, either active duty or contractor, fitting the rather overblown description in the "Shock Troops" article. Furthermore, even if such a female existed, any Joe would have adjusted the attitudes of those fictional soldiers. Mocking the wounded is simply not done. Period. Full stop. Do not pass "GO". Do not collect 200 dollars. For a soldier to not only mock, but sexually harass a wounded woman would have brought down the wrath of every senior enlisted and officer in the mess hall. Some of us get pretty protective of women over here and the chance of a 4 wall counseling session occurring immediately afterwards is around the 99th percentile.

We contractors hate IEDs as much as the military does, and jokes about them are usually followed by a thorough thrashing somewhere out of sight. For a soldier to be publicly joking about them and the effects on a person is nonsensical. Nobody would have put up with the kind of verbiage attributed to the supposed soldiers at FOB Falcon. Even if the first sentence somehow escaped the brain-mouth checkpoint- he would have been told (and not too politely) to cease and desist.

Bottom line is that this section of the article is total, complete, wholehearted, bovine scatology.