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Required Reading 07/17/2007

12:29 PM, Jul 17, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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From THE DAILY STANDARD: The Iran-Contra Minority Redux, by Michael J. Malbin.

From the New York Sun: Iran Is Found To Be a Lair of Al Qaeda, by Eli Lake.

From the New York Post: The Last Hawk, by Rich Lowry.

From National Review: Listen to the Military, by Michael Ledeen.

From the Danger Room: RAF: Who Needs Guns? by David Axe.

From Murdoc: Personnel Specialist 1st Class Kevin Armold, attached on board Naval Air Station Pensacola, is reenlisted by Army Maj. Shean Phelps on the main deck of the newly sunken aircraft carrier USS Oriskany at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.