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Required Reading 07/24/2007

3:10 PM, Jul 24, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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From THE DAILY STANDARD: Hillary Outflanks Obama, by Fred Barnes.

From the Wall Street Journal: Syria Occupies Lebanon. Again. by Bret Stephens.

From the Los Angeles Times: In Iraq, Liberals Flip on Genocide, by Jonah Goldberg.

From Defense Tech: 82nd on the Hunt in Iraq, by David Axe.

From the New York Times: Poll: Support For War Inches Up, by Megan Thee.

And on the "Scott Thomas" affair:
From the New York Times: Doubts Raised on Magazine's ‘Baghdad Diarist', by Louise Story.
From The Grey Lady Waddles In and Waiting on Franklin Foer, by Dean Barnett.
From Powerline: Franklin Foer Talks Again, by Scott Johnson.
From Michelle Malkin: The Scott Thomas Saga Continues.
From Hot Air: A Cemetary, Not a Mass Grave, by Bryan.
From Ace of Spade: Deleted: "NEAR Certainty" Baghdad Diarist Was A Soldier, by Ace.
From Confederate Yankee: Two Questions For Foer, by Bob Owens.

Boeing CSAR-X demo.JPG
From Boeing: CSAR-X Demonstration. What downwash problem?