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"Shock Troops" Update

12:33 PM, Jul 19, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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We're getting huge amounts of feedback on this, and the story continues to spread in the blogosphere. But we're going to post updates throughout the day as more comes in. If you haven't read the original story, click here.

Here's the latest list of blogs covering this, which we will keep updating as things progress:

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And here are some of the comments that are pouring in, (again click here to read the original post and more comments):

I served 4 years in the Army, including service in Desert Storm, and was in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle battalion, the 1/9 Cav Regiment out of Ft. Hood.

As with most things written by the the traitorous media, the Shock Troop story is a collection of lies, complied by sissy leftist who don't even do enough research to make their lies believable. Sort of like the story of flushing a Koran down a toilet.

I've been in the drivers seat of a Bradley, and as Stuart Koehl says, you have terrible visibility on the right hand side. The engine is over there, and it's like trying to put a Ford Excursion in a parking space for a compact car.

The closest you can see on the right side is probably 15 feet away, and that would be with the seat all the way up, and the hatch fully opened back. No trooper is going to ride down a road in Iraq sitting that high, he'd be a sitting duck for a sniper. They either roll with the hatch fully shut, looking through the periscopes for visibility (think driving a sub down the street), or at most, with the hatch at half-cock, where you look though a slit (think sitting in a trash can with the lid on your head).

You're not going to be able to see a dog over there, so that's one lie.

Another lie is running things over with the Bradley. Take a look at the front it. The first thing that sticks out is the tracks, which are also the most vulnerable part of it. If you went around running into buildings or concrete barriers with your Bradley, you'd throw a track, and after your BC (Bradley commander) put his boot up your ass for being a dumb-ass, you'd spend the rest of your tour demoted down to sitting in the dreaded side turret jump seat between the driver and the rest of the crew, breathing diesels fumes, mixed in with BO and MRE gas from the dismount team.

Other lies - how does a dog sit in the road and get run over by an armored vehicle? How many dogs have you ever seen run over like this? Dogs aren't dumb, they get out of the way of a 23 ton armoured vehicle. The Bradley is not a Formula 1 race car either - the usual rolling speed is about 20-30 MPH. The article makes it sound like the BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle) is some sort of Klingon warship with a clocking device and a sound silencer, capbale of sneaking up on sleeping dogs and running them over before they can get up and move the 2 feet they'd have to get out of the way.

Then there's the story of a dog getting run over, with the two sections twitching around. Notice how it's written for shock value, with some lie about the head just staying there. The tracks of a Bradley are pretty wide - it's not a tire, it's a track. That would have to be one damn big stray dog to be cut in two by a Bradley, and still have identifiable parts on either side. Besides, how did he know what happended after he had run it over? Did he stop, get out of his vehicle, and walk over to it to take a look? You don't have real view mirror on a BFV.