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"Shock Troops" Update

12:33 PM, Jul 19, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Ian Kress
US Army, 1989-1993
MOS 11H (Infantry - Anti-Armor)
1/9th Cav Regiment, 1st Cav Division, Ft Hood.


FWIW: I hold rank of Major in the Judge Advocate General Corps, U.S. Army Reserve. From first week of October 2005 to first week of September 2006 I served with the 3d Corps Support Command at LSA Anaconda (@40 miles north of Baghdad, our Army's chief logistic "rear" base). 3d COSCOM ran primary logistics for Iraq--we had people all over the country.

I ran the Legal Assistance Office/Client Services. My sole contacts with FOB Falcon amounted to drawing some LAO clients from that post. But down the hall to our East from LAO you'd find Military Justice (Prosecution). To West of LAO sat the Trial Defense Service boys (Defense attorneys). Around two corners the Administrative Law attorney reviewed and advised investigations. All these men were friends of mine. From neither office did I ever hear word of any legal discipline taken against anyone, for any such actions as your story relates. And we Client Services attorneys often heard scuttlebutt through the other offices of what was going on around Iraq.

Now, from the description I'd say that "Scott Thomas" (*IF* he's really a soldier) belongs to a combat unit. So he would not come under 3d COSCOM direct authority, to include military justice issues. 3d COSCOM would have no command & control (C2) responsibilities over combat units, to include military justice issues. So I can't say with absolute certainty that none of the incidents occurred. As you say, the depths of man's total depravity allow any and every conceivable evil... The Lord Jesus Christ may forgive, but the Army won't. I agree with your posters: Soldier stupidity committed in public WILL get out--even if no one stopped such actions right away, you may be sure that even private soldiers GOSSIP.

David James Hanson
formerly of 3d COSCOM, LSA Anaconda, Balad, Iraq


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When I saw this, I thought it was a total fabrication. It just does not pass the smell test. But, my own combat experience is 37 years old. So, I sent it to my son and asked his reaction. My son has done a tour in Iraq w/ the 10th Mountain Division, and two tours w/ the Ranger Regiment. Here is what he said

"That's the dumbest thing I have ever read, except for that "Ranger" [Jessie Macbeth] who was an even bigger moron."

I think he's on to something. Like Macbeth's lies, this is so far-fetched as to be incredible to anyone who is remotely familiar with military culture. But, the TNRs of the world lap it up.

My son does not claim to have first-hand knowledge of these alleged events, but reactions like his likely demonstrate that (1) this stuff is most likely fabricated, and (2) at a minimum, even if there were some remote grain of truth in one that he has embellished, it is so far out of the mainstream as to be a total aberration. The fact that any soldier I have ever known would think this is so far-fetched as to be a fabrication shows that it is not remotely close to being tolerated or condoned by the military in any way.

Since my son has been in special ops, he is very publicity-shy. Please don't publish anything that would identify him by name. Thanks.

Will post another update shortly, but I'd encourage readers to go check out the other blogs that are covering this...