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Required Reading 08/20/2007

1:44 PM, Aug 20, 2007 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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From the Wall Street Journal: Al Qaeda's Travel Agent, by Joseph Lieberman.

From the City Journal: Why Study War? by Victor Davis Hanson.

From the Chicago Tribune: Gitmo plan has Kansans uneasy, by Kirsten Scharnberg.

From Ares: Su-35 to Debut in Moscow, by Bill Sweetman.

From Ace of Spades: Slight Majority of Experts Oppose Surge, by Ace.

air and sea power2.jpg
From Op-For: A B-52 Stratofortress leads a formation of Air Force and Navy F-16 Fighting Falcons, F-15 Eagles, and F-18 Hornets over the USS Kitty Hawk, USS Nimitz and USS John C. Stennis Strike Groups during Exercise Valiant Shield exercise Aug.14 in the Pacific. The forces participated in Valiant Shield, the largest joint exercise in the Pacific this year. Held in the Guam operating area, the exercise includes 30 ships, more than 280 aircraft and more than 20,000 servicemembers from the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
Photo Courtesy of the US Air Force.

John: "That's cool and all.....but who invited the Coast Guard?"