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12:53 AM, Oct 31, 2007 • By SAMANTHA SAULT
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In honor of Halloween, I've been collecting the top 10 spookiest tidbits buzzing around the blogosphere this past week. Drumroll please...

10. While munching on your candy corn (or if you are lucky enough to work in TWS office, my signature devils food cupcakes), have a laugh with Mary Katharine Ham at as she and her brother carve "the scariest jack-o-lantern ever."

9. Yikes! That cackle reminds me of a former Democratic candidate's hoot. Try one of these spooktacular guffaws on the trick-or-treaters tonight!

8. In fact, I'd recommend using the Dean Scream on little girls that are dressed like this tonight. Maybe that will scare them into wearing something more modest. I'm pretty sure I was a scarecrow for Halloween when I was 8...

7. Hopefully, all you Commies out there were able to catch Turner Classic Movies' celebration of the Hollywood Ten last night. Is TCM preparing for a socialist takeover in 2008? Scary!

6. Even more frightening is the stupidity of some liberals. The AP reported that Americans are more likely to believe in ghosts (34 percent) than support President Bush (31 percent).

5. In other truly scary news (no joke), Saudi Arabia says Britain isn't doing enough to fight terror. As Jawa Report says, this wrist-slapping comes from "the world's #1 financiers of terror." Now THAT is chilling.

4. The Democratic leadership is pushing "The Mother of All Tax Bills," which the NRCC has dubbed "The Mother of All Tax Hikes." Michelle Malkin's got the NRCC's fear-inducing video.

3. During Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a female GW student told an Incorrect U camera, "I want the sharia law imposed. I want it in my country…I don't want to live in a secular state." As Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch notes, she doesn't say what "her country" is, but I'd bet money it's the United States.

2. Kind of old news, but Al Gore winning the Nobel for his film of falsehoods, An Inconvenient Truth, is still pretty frightening. What's next? Gore runs for president? SCARY! Oh, wait…

1. Lastly, this Halloween, be on the lookout for those monstrous neocons, such as the "unprincipled hack willing to countenance butchery as long as it's done by people he approves of" and those other evil bloggers who were recently "making fun ('just for laughs')" of the Frost family "with a demented sense of glee." Pure evil! And be especially wary of neocon thugs--they're out to get you!