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Fred on the GWOT

7:41 AM, Nov 21, 2007 • By DEAN BARNETT
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Roger L. Simon, last seen cavorting with Pajama clad babes on the floor of the BlogWorld convention like a latter day Hugh Hefner, sat down with Fred Thompson to discuss the Global War on Terror. Bob Owens, proprietor of the excellent Confederate Yankee blog, joined Roger in conducting the interview. I linked to this yesterday in my Republican race Q&A, but the interview itself merits a little post of its own. In no particular order, a few observations:

1) The long form interview allowed Fred to express his knowledge and thoughts on the war on terror. He was impressive. Believe me, I would love to insert some sort of "He didn't doze off once!" piece of snark, but what I really thought after the interview is how nice it would be if all the candidates in both parties understood the issue and its subtleties as comprehensively as Thompson obviously does.

2) The interview in itself represented a step forward for the blogosphere. The production values were outstanding, on a par with what you see on television. This is a rarity (to say the least) for the blogosphere. And as intimated above, the substance was quite unlike anything you'd see on TV. The video might well be a landmark for new media; two bloggers conducted a better interview than anything anyone on network TV could pull off.

3) Bob Owens was a lot younger than I expected.