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Clinton's Transformation

11:20 AM, Dec 17, 2007 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Thomas B. Edsall reports:

Neither staff firings nor tough attacks on Obama fit the image the Clinton campaign now wants to present of the candidate as a family-oriented, caring and empathetic candidate determined to address social problems.

Clinton earlier this month began attacking Obama's record in the Illinois State Senate (his 'present' votes on abortion and gun control, for example, rather than aye or nay), his health care plan which does not provide universal coverage, and his failure to vote on a key U.S. Senate Iran resolution.

In contrast, the former First Lady is now running ads featuring appearances with her mother, Dorothy Rodham, and her daughter Chelsea, as admiring women comment on how beautiful her family is.

This new soft approach, writes Edsall, is meant to "transform the image of Hillary, from what the Republican National Committee's website describes as, 'Calculating, Divisive.'" There's no question this sort of "transformation" has always been necessary to help Clinton's chances of electoral success. But isn't beginning this process less than three weeks out from the caucuses cutting it, well, a little close?