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Giuliani Vindicated (Sorta)

11:47 AM, Dec 21, 2007 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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The New York Times has looked into the accusations that Rudy Giuliani's office paid for travel to the Hamptons to see then-mistress Judith Nathan through "burying" the expenses into reimbursements paid by obscure city agencies. The Times found that "all eight of Mr. Giuliani's trips to the Hamptons in 1999 and 2000, including the period when his relationship was a secret, were charged to his own mayoral expense account, according to the documents." So it would appear any accusations of financial impropriety on the mayoral office's part during this period are unfounded.

What made the Hamptons story cause trouble for the mayor's campaign, however, weren't accusations of financial impropriety. Trouble was, the story reminded folks of Giuliani's infidelity. It came on the heels of bad Bernie Kerik news. It drove the storyline that Giuliani's personal judgment would become a major (and perhaps losing) issue if he won the GOP nomination. And it coincided with the beginning of Hillary Clinton's decline in prominence on the Democratic side.