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Gear Up the Nader Train?

9:07 AM, Jan 3, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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With almost all political attention focused on Iowa and then New Hampshire, it attracted little notice when Ralph Nader sent out a new year's greeting endorsing (apparently) any candidate but Hillary:

"Do you really believe if we replace a bunch of corporate Republicans with a bunch of corporate Democrats that anything meaningful is going to change? This has to stop. It's that simple."

That is our simple New Year's message for 2008.

Millions of Americans will be watching Iowa and New Hampshire to determine whether the Democrats will propose meaningful change. Hillary Clinton is an unacceptable candidate to large numbers of independents, Democrats, and third party members...

If Hillary Clinton prevails, millions of Americans will look elsewhere for change, or stay home.

It's that simple.

Happy New Year.

Nader had earlier made it clear that of the leading candidates, he viewed John Edwards as the best choice for Democrats who want to change the 'corporate power damaging the interests' of ordinary Americans. Nader said that Edwards understands that the key is not 'to replace a corporate Republican with a corporate Democrat.'

If Edwards finishes third in Iowa--as seems a definite possibility--the media is likely to frame the Democratic race as a two-person race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. If Edwards is no longer viable, does that mean it's time to start preparing for another Ralph Nader run?