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Iran Tests U.S. Navy's Defenses

5:47 PM, Jan 7, 2008 • By JOHN NOONAN
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Of course the Iranians are calling it a simple "miscommunication," which is BS. Unless you think that I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes doesn't translate clearly from Persian to English.

Nothing is official yet, but it sounds like an obvious jab at our naval perimeter. That's why the Iranians warned us first, they wanted to see how we'd react. No accident that the bad guys were arrayed in the telltale Iranian swarming formation either, with five high-speed small craft involved in the "miscommunication."

It's worth pointing out that we've had dust ups with the Iranian Navy in the past. And, the U.S. Navy being the U.S. Navy, we've had responses, too.