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Kennedy, Edwards and "The Bitter Ashes of Defeat"

7:09 AM, Jan 31, 2008 • By DEAN BARNETT
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Ted Kennedy took to the virtual pages of the Daily Kos yesterday to pen an inspiring endorsement of Barack Obama. Showing a surprising facility with the intertubes, Massachusetts' senior senator even managed to embed a YouTube clip into his "diary.

But yesterday was a dark day at the Daily Kos, what with their hero, the lionhearted son of a mill worker named John Edwards, being driven from the race by the forces of greed. Thus, several disappointed Kossacks greeted Senator Kennedy's completely banal essay with a touch of anger.

Many community members noticed a major flaw that infected Kennedy's endorsement. The second of the 720 comments chided Kennedy, "It would have been nice of you to mention John Edwards today. I'm sorry you did not."

Another commenter lectured the senator,

"You should have waited until tomorrow to post this. Perhaps you were trying to reach out to all the Edwards supporters as they are most likely here today, but then you should have spoken about Edwards, at least acknowledged that he was dropping out, especially since his campaign has been focused on ending poverty.
I was disappointed that you didn't endorse Edwards, and now I am disappointed that you could be so insensitive today."

Ted Kennedy insensitive? Now I've seen it all! Some were more angry than disappointed.

"John was every bit part of the future as Obama," wrote ImpeachKingBushII (if that's his real name). "'Yesterday's news'? Hardly. He didn't officially drop out until this afternoon!" A hair-splitting point for sure, but still a valid one.

"The part of this diary I didn't get," continued ImpeachKingBushII (if that's his real name), "is how presumptuous, pompous, and insensitive Obama supporters apparently are. Don't take our support for granted bucko. I'll use my acidic, razor-sharp tongue just as quickly on him as I have used it on Bush, IF I feel a coronation in the making. One 'His Majesty the King' under 8 years of this despotic Bush regime is more than quite enough for one lifetime. I won't suffer another one, regardless of party. The true test of character is how benevolent the victor is, and how quickly they seek to heal the wounds that divided us, not in how deep they can rub our noses into the bitter ashes of defeat."

Ted Kennedy failing a true test of character? Now I'm really shocked! And now poor Senator Obama, as a result of Senator Kennedy's clumsy insensitivity, will have to risk the wrath of the "acidic razor-sharp tongue" of ImpeachKingBushII (if that's his real name).

One wonders if the Obama campaign can survive this looming challenge.