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Does Chavez Know a Secret About Castro?

9:53 AM, Feb 20, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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Hugo Chavez seems to be Fidel Castro's biggest fan, and proudest disciple. Press accounts suggest the two talk regularly. Therefore, I was surprised not to see a reaction from Chavez early yesterday to the news that Castro was retiring from public life. Yesterday evening, he made a statement:

In his first official reaction to his friend and ally Fidel Castro's decision to withdraw from power, Venezuelan President said on Tuesday that 'Fidel is not resigning or giving up anything, but is moving on to take the place that is his in the Cuban revolution and the Latin American revolution'.

Calling Castro's decision 'a gesture that elevates him' rather than resignation, Chavez said the move was 'a lesson for all those who accuse men like Fidel of desperately clinging to power'.

Chavez added that Fidel 'has not completely recovered his health'.

He's 'moving on' to take his place in the revolution? He's been 'elevated?' He's not 'completely recovered' his health? Does Chavez know something he's not sharing yet? Has Castro joined Bolivar and Guevara?