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Don't Count on those Superdelegates, Hillary

10:31 AM, Feb 15, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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Count me among those who are very skeptical about Hillary's chances of winning the nomination through superdelegates. Handed the nomination on a silver platter, Ms. Clinton seems poised to blow it, and Barack Obama outperforms her in polls against Senator McCain.

Add to that the fact that Barack Obama has tripled her in donations to superdelegates:

The report finds Obama, and to a lesser extent Clinton, funneled money to superdelegates - prompting her camp to unload on the new Democratic front-runner.

"I guess the hope in Hope Fund stands for ‘I hope you'll endorse me,'" said Jay Carson, a Clinton spokesman, referring to Obama's political action committee, Hope Fund, from which many of these donations were made.

When asked if Clinton is guilty of doing the same thing, Carson said, "No..."

Obama gave more than $694,000 to superdelegates from Hope Fund since 2005. Clinton distributed $195,000 to them through her political action committee, HillPAC, and campaign committee.

Leave it to the Clintons to play 'holier than thou' when it suits them. Ms. Clinton raised and spent $36 million in her 2006 Senate race to defeat her underfunded Republican opponent by 36 percent. She may ultimately wish she had shared a little more of her warchest with the people who may decide on the Democratic nominee.

Also check out Bryan Preston's excellent discussion of the defection of influential superdelegate John Lewis (D-GA) from the Hillary 'inevitability' bandwagon.