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Hayes: Was John McCain "Booed Loudly?" By His Own Supporters?

10:59 PM, Feb 7, 2008 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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Dan Balz, the Washington Post's veteran political reporter, must have been sitting in one of the small pockets of anti-McCain CPAC attendees. He writes: "But the reception McCain received at yesterday's annual Conservative Political Action Conference, where he was booed loudly when introduced, pointed to the fractured coalition that he must reunite before what is expected to be a challenging fall campaign."

Was McCain booed loudly? Judge for yourself, here.

Meanwhile, others thought McCain's reception was so positive -- or at least polite -- that they debated whether the crowd had been strategically packed by McCain supporters to get those results. Go to NRO's Corner to see the back-and-forth between the venerable Mark Steyn and Stanley Kurtz.