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11:28 PM, Feb 19, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Shouldn't Obama's flak be joking about this instead of lodging an official complaint and getting some peon at MSNBC in trouble?

"It happened during the opening of ‘Hardball' Monday evening. Matthews was previewing a story on the controversy over Obama's use of another politician's words, and a picture of bin Laden briefly flashed on the screen beside him with the headline ‘Words About Words.'

"The Obama campaign immediately called NBC to complain, and Matthews apologized on the air a few minutes later. When ‘Hardball' was rerun later that night, a picture of Obama replaced the picture of the terrorist leader. . . . Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor noted the apology and said the campaign had no other comment."

Elsewhere in the article, it is noted that many spell checkers suggest Osama as a correction for Obama. I'd prefer to be in the camp of WEEKLY STANDARD contributor Reihan Salam--spellcheckers suggest his first-name be changed to Reagan.