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Rush Echoes Weekly Standard Blog?

4:38 PM, Feb 26, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Segment #9 on the Rush Limbaugh Echo today:

Will John McCain choose Gov Sarah Palin as his VP? Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the youngest to take that office, suggested as a VP for McCain. Mother of four, she is a 'babe', you have to notice. Her website is jammed up now; thanks to Rush.

Let us assure Rush--we noticed. So would having Palin's name on the ticket be enough to reconcile McCain and Limbaugh? She's only been in office for a year, her state only has three electoral votes, which McCain is almost guaranteed to get despite his stubborn refusal to consider drilling in ANWR, and before her election to governor the highest office she'd held was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Still, Palin's got pizazz.