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The End of an Era . . .

11:08 PM, Feb 19, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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Wow. A tough and iron-fisted Generalissimo of the totalitarian Left left the world stage yesterday . . . but enough about Hillary Clinton.

Sorry, couldn't resist an obvious Castro/HRC joke. Back in Wisconsin, though, Hillary's problem is as serious as Fidel's. This Wisconsin loss means that Obama's surging momentum will grow even more powerful. New polls showing Obama closing in Hillary's Texas redoubt provide more evidence. The race tilted decisively toward Obama after his wins last week in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

With this Wisconsin iceberg now slamming into the Clinton campaign, I'm reminded of the scene in Cameron's Titanic where the ship's designer rushes to the bridge, unrolls the construction plans, and informs the Captain that despite the small shudder of the impact and the normal feeling on the bridge, the great ship is doomed. They're unrolling the plans tonight in Hillaryland. They'll be vicious infighting about various desperate Hail Mary plans -- like today's foolish trial balloon about trying to steal committed Obama delegates -- and lots of scapegoating top Clinton campaign officials. The former President will go ape, find a microphone, and embarrass himself somewhere in Texas or Ohio. But like water rushing into the Titanic's hull, the forces now flowing hard against the Hillary Clinton campaign are furious and the die is cast.