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World Bank's Chief Economist Swam to China?

12:01 PM, Feb 11, 2008 • By JENNIFER CHOU
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In a letter written to his family in Taiwan long after his defection, Lin stated that "based on my cultural, historical, political, economic and military understanding, it is my belief that returning to the motherland is a historical inevitability; it is also the optimal choice."

In 2002, upon the death of his father, Lin asked the Taiwan government to allow him to travel back to his native land for the funeral. Taiwan issued an arrest warrant for him and the island's legislators plunged into a heated debate over whether the statue of limitations on his treasonous conduct had expired.

Lin sent his wife instead.

In an interview with Chinese media after the announcement of his World Bank appointment, Lin expressed a desire to visit Taiwan. He added, somewhat poignantly, that it was not up to him whether the trip would ever take place.