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Brits Fly the Flag

2:07 PM, Mar 24, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The Times reports:

Public buildings, including job centres, schools and hospitals, are to be encouraged to fly the union jack and other national flags to boost national identity.

Ministers will this week announce the lifting of restrictions on flag flying that have been in force since 1924. They will allow public buildings to erect flagpoles and fly the union jack and national flags, including the cross of St George, the Saltire of Scotland and the red dragon of Wales every day.

At present, flying national flags from public buildings is restricted to 18 days a year, which include the Queen's birthday and Remembrance Day.

If anyone can explain to me why the British restricted flag flying in 1924, I'd be curious to hear. The best quote of the story comes from Captain Malcolm Farrow, president of the British Flag Institute: "Any nation that doesn't fly the national flag from its government buildings every day of the week needs its head examined." But what about the BBC--the Union Jack or the Shahadah of Hamas?

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