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Superdelegates: Make It Out to Cash

4:36 PM, Mar 31, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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Since 2005, Barack Obama has donated three times as much as Senator Clinton to Democratic superdelegates:

The study found that the presidential candidate who gave more money to the superdelegates received their endorsements 82 percent of the time. That's based on a review of elected officials who are serving as superdelegates and who'd endorsed a candidate as of Feb. 25.

In cases where superdelegates received money from Obama's Hope Fund but none from Clinton's PAC, Obama got the superdelegates' support 85 percent of the time. And in cases where superdelegates received money from Clinton's Hillpac but none from Obama's PAC, 75 percent backed Clinton.

If 82 percent of the superdelegates are endorsing the candidate who donated more to them, that's indicative of something other than a belief in 'the audacity of hope.' It sounds more like good old-fashioned bribery.