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House Democrats: Destroying the Village to Save It

2:41 PM, Mar 12, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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Congressional Democrats are so committed to cleaning up Congress, they'll even break House rules to do it:

But Republicans, and some Democrats, charged that Pelosi and the Democratic leadership "stole" the vote on the parliamentary procedure, technically known as "ordering the previous question." In response to GOP manipulation of votes during their years of control, Pelosi promised at the beginning of the 110th Congress that floor votes would last only 15 minutes, and that "no vote shall be held open to manipulate the outcome."

Pelosi, however, appeared to go back on that promise during the "previous question" vote, which was open for for a total of 31 minutes before it was gaveled closed. Republicans stood on the floor during the dramatic 16-minute period following the official end of the vote, clapping and cheering, occassionally breaking into chants of "Rules of the House!"

Read the whole article. According to the Politico, the House will soon have its own "independent" six-member office of Congressional Ethics, which is not expected to do anything this year. That's too bad. If House leaders really want to deliver on ethics promises, maybe they could charge the office with reviewing the propriety of the vote that created it.

Via Instapundit and Freedom Project