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Not that Hipsters Watch Fox News...

10:01 PM, Mar 4, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Karl Rove is stationed in front of a MacBook Air on Fox News tonight, leaving me to wonder will our dark lord's use of the machine destroy Apple's hipster street-cred? Will Apple's monopoly on the too-cool-for-school market vanish as word spreads from Dupont Circle and Williamsburg to hipster capitals across America?

If Rove's computer is part of an endorsement deal with Apple, Steve Jobs should fire the responsible executive. Alternatively, if Rove bought that sexy Mac of his own volition, let me be the first to ascribe some malevolent motive to him: this is clearly a plot to instill existential angst among all the Apple snobs who fantasize about Rove carrying out his evil Republican high jinks on a PC. Hail Rove.