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Richelieu: Does McCain Have a Strategy?

3:01 PM, Mar 28, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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McCain's first general election spot is on the air. Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks and feels and sounds much more like a primary spot to me. I think McCain's amazing story should be a key part of his general election message. But if that is the opening move -- and I can make good arguments both for and against that strategy -- should they do a spot that commits to that idea instead of just implying it as this ad does.

More importantly, what exactly is the McCain general election message strategy? Hard to find in this ad, unless the plan is to hang the whole general election campaign entirely on the war. If so, that would be Axelrod's dream come true. My fear is that McCainland doesn't have a general election message strategy.

P.S. The tagline is not only mumbo jumbo, it is going to spark trouble. Expect an immediate Obama/media assault on Americanism.