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The Last Hurrah...

9:32 AM, Mar 5, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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There is great happiness in Clinton world this morning. Giddy staffers are pinging bloggers to grab credit for the 3am ad that supposedly stopped a surging Obama in Texas. Indeed, the hangman's noose has been postponed. But the truth of the matter is that for Hillary Clinton the confetti was flying at a wake last night, not a victory party. Her victories are an emotional release for her staff and supporters, but not a game changer. Instead, it was the last hurrah.

Obama put the race away back in Wisconsin. The delegate arithmetic is now unyielding. Going forward, it requires far more than a few more Clinton victories. Hillary needs the Democratic electorate to overwhelmingly reject Barack Obama. Clinton must win all the remaining states by huge margins. Superdelegates must not only break 100 percent against Obama going forward, but many of his must defect and flip to her campaign. She has to engineer a convention coup and count the illegitimate Florida and Michigan delegations that she earlier promised to ignore. With Mississippi, North Carolina, and other strong Obama states lurking on the horizon, it is hard to see how anything short of an apocalyptic Obama meltdown could achieve this. It is far more likely that the race drags on and becomes more and more negative as Hillary's allegiance to self over party forces a final proof of the math that is now obvious.

The real winner of the Democratic primaries last night? John. S. McCain.