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Winning Isn't Everything...

6:41 PM, Mar 24, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Michael O'Hanlon at the Brookings Institution today on the men behind the surge (via Think Progress):

I want to call them the Lombardis of this war. … And in addition to Fred [Kagan] and Ken [Pollack] who have been two of the most important people. Andy Krepinevich is another important think tanker. Retired Gen. Jack Keane from the outside. A small group of people inside the administration, smaller than it should have been, but people like Meghan O'Sullivan. […]

These people did two things that I think would have made Vince Lombardi proud. One, they stuck with it, and they persevered through difficult times. And two, they stayed focused on fundamentals.

So what does that make Harry Reid? The Terrell Owens of the Iraq war?