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Charlton Heston, 1924-2008

5:39 PM, Apr 6, 2008 • By SONNY BUNCH
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After a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease, Charlton Heston passed away this weekend at the age of 84. His roles are too numerous to catalog in their entirety here, but highlights include Moses, Thomas Jefferson, and our very own Cardinal Richelieu.

Heston's most important work was fighting for civil rights--over the last four decades of his life he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and headed up the NRA--but he will be best remembered for his work in Hollywood. Planet of the Apes remains a powerful part of the film industry's imagination, though his work as the Mexican law enforcement official in Orson Welles's Touch of Evil may be his finest. As age robbed Heston of his vitality he faded from the scene, but the square-jawed god of the silver screen popped up occasionally throughout the ‘90s--being surprised by his weathered visage in movies like True Lies and Tombstone was always a welcome treat.

For more on Heston check out Dirty Harry's tribute at Libertas. And make sure to throw a Heston flick or two on your Netflix queue for good measure. Instead of I Am Legend, maybe you can make time for The Omega Man, Heston's superior predecessor based on the same Richard Matheson novel.

Heston offers a little perspective.