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Daily Blog Buzz: April Fools!

12:01 PM, Apr 1, 2008 • By SAMANTHA SAULT
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Happy April Fools Day! I know you wouldn't believe me if I tried to trick you and said Goldfarb was henceforth replacing all guns-and-aircraft posts with fashion coverage. But here are some funny--true and untrue--tidbits from around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

10. A true story yesterday that got more than a few laughs from bloggers: Hillary Clinton didn't pay campaign staffers' health insurance bills. Kevin Kusinitz joked here, "No wonder Democrats want the government to cover health care. They don't want to do it themselves."

9. Last night, Townhall's Carol Platt Liebau noted that a "chyron on the Fox News Channel just minutes ago read, 'Breaking: Obama May Be More Liberal Than He's Letting On.'" "Breaking? Really?" she says. April Fools prank from Fox, perhaps?

8. Michelle Malkin's website goes dark for a few hours to "raise awareness of empty awareness-raising gestures by Gulfstream liberals, Google energy hogs, and Gore-worshiping cultists whose DAISNAID (Do as I say, not as I do) environmental alarmist policies would send us back to the Stone Ages."

7. Karol Sheinin at Pajamas Media reports on another pastor problem for Obama: Rev. James Meeks, close friend and pledged delegate to Obama. Sheinin says, "The racist, angry, conspiracy-laden language used by Meeks is reminiscent of Pastor Wright's." Whoops.

6. Really not a joke: Newsbusters tells us about the newest Muppet movie--featuring liberal indoctrination at its best. Warner Todd Huston writes that "the story will center around all our favorite Muppets producing a show to raise money to save their old theater. They need the money, of course, because an 'evil character is trying to buy the building so that he might tear it down to 'get at the oil underneath.'" Hide your children!

5. According to TNR, two of our favorite campaign-trail wives are meeting up to share some gaffes: Teresa Heinz-Kerry and Michelle Obama! H/T Mary Katharine Ham.

4. The New York Times reports: The Obamessiah "is moving to down-to-earth oratory" with speeches containing "more prosaic language of white-working-class discontent" and the humble "town-hall-style meeting." As Newsbusters notes in a funny April Fools Day post, the media's love of Obama is laughable.

3. Just in time for the First of April, another masterpiece from humor blogger Iowahawk: "Dreams of My Foosball: The Lost Excerpts from the Barack Obama memoirs." An excerpt:

But there was something in Reverend Wright's blah-blah-blah that rang hollow. Was it really true that the black man was doomed to live under the yoke of oppression? Even though I was scarcely more than 40 years old, I had seen and experienced amazing changes: from foosball and air hockey and electric football, to Wii and Madden and PS3. And, through all those changes, I had spent a lot of change.

2. The best April Fools joke on the web, via NRO's Phi Beta Cons. I would have fallen for it!

1. Finally, so you don't fall for media pranks like the one above, Slate's Jack Shafer has tips on how to keep your wits about you this April 1.