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Obama Loses (and Hillary Wins)

10:10 PM, Apr 22, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The numbers are coming in, the exit polls can be seen here, the raw vote totals here. It looks like Hillary will meet but not exceed expectations. A couple observations...

Obama supporters are already starting to spin to the effect that tonight changes nothing, that Hillary remains a huge underdog and she's likely to pick up very few delegates tonight. All entirely true, which is why the damage done here to Obama is so needless. Obama supporters have to be crying on the inside.

Also, Rove keeps talking about the Jews of Montgomery County, my people. If they were crucial there for Hillary, part of it is likely to be female solidarity, but part of it is surely Obama's weakness on Israel--especially with Hillary talking so tough on the issue lately.

Finally, if Hillary manages somehow to pull this thing out, she'll have gone a long way to softening her image among Republicans. Obama may be more electable, at this point he's also more likely to energize the Republican base. Terry McAuliffe just praised Fox News as fair and balanced for being first to make tonight's call, Hillary's out drinking beers, trashing MoveOn, and threatening to obliterate Iran. She's earning a lot of good will on the right.