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Kristol: An Impressive Candidate

11:20 PM, Apr 22, 2008 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Hillary Clinton's convincing Pennsylvania victory is the third consecutive back-to-the-wall big-state win she's managed (following on Ohio and Texas seven weeks ago). She's done this despite being outspent by Obama, and with most of the Democratic establishment and the media rooting against her. In all, about 16 million people have voted for her so far in this nominating contest. That's the most votes any presidential candidate has ever gotten in any primary cycle of either party.

So here's a thought: Maybe we should acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is a pretty impressive candidate. She's tough, disciplined, and not unappealing. She's a good debater and adapts pretty quickly (if a bit clunkily) to campaign developments. Her campaign organization and strategists have been inferior to Obama's--but she's gotten more total votes than he (counting Michigan and Florida--the voters there are people too!). And she's done this while bearing the burden of her husband.

So a tip of the hat to Hillary. Fight on!