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McCain's No Dole

3:02 PM, Apr 4, 2008 • By KEVIN KUSINITZ
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Charles Hurt in today's New York Post has some downbeat news for the GOP. Not only is John McCain a retread of the 1996-style Bob Dole, but:

Even before settling on their own nominee, Democrats have begun ridiculing the Republican challenger as a kooky old man. A recent Democratic campaign video shows McCain during a press conference in Iraq veering wildly off-message, only to be publicly corrected by his friend and colleague, Sen. Joe Lieberman. Only five years older than Lieberman, McCain looks rattled and confused by comparison.

True, it wasn't of McCain's finest moments, but as a scandal, it doesn't compare to imaginary sniper fire or real life bigoted pastors. And Bob Dole never seemed to have a better reason to run other than "It's my turn," thus never exciting the Republican base, let alone Democrats who might have already been tiring of Clinton.

But here's the biggest difference. While Clinton promised to build a bridge to the 21st-century (with higher tolls), Dole wanted to build a bridge to a time before rap music, crack, and double-entendres on Friends--in a word, the past. It was a hopeless cause.

McCain, on the other hand, looks forward to stronger national security and a time where no terrorist nation dares attack America again. Obama wants to jaw with leaders who want to do us harm and, if he can sign a peace of paper, so much the better--much like Chamberlain did with Hitler some 70 years ago.

Which candidate is the forward thinker in this race?