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Richelieu: And the Big Winner in PA...McCain

11:42 AM, Apr 23, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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A few thoughts in the wake of Pennsylvania.

1) Another reminder that demographics are often far stronger than the campaigns the press obsess over. Despite Obama's huge spending muscle and campaign firepower advantage, PA still looks like Ohio and voted like Ohio. Downscale whites gave a 10 point edge to Clinton in the overall primary race.

2) A great psychological victory for Clinton -- even my esteemed friend Monsieur Kristol appears deeply moved -- but the delegate story remains the same. Obama is still in the driver's seat.

3) The media bounce from PA should be enough to give HRC a shot at Indiana. But would a few more delegates gained in Indiana make any real difference? And Oregon lurks on the horizon, another Obama hole-card.

4) The bottom line: the race goes on and on. But the outcome is still unlikely to change. And the only realistic albeit long-shot Clinton scenario, a super delegate reversal and last minute Hillary coup, would rupture the Democratic party. Another ultimate win for McCain.