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Richelieu: Why Rice Will Not Be VP

12:40 PM, Apr 7, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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This Condi for Veep hype is political madness.

Whatever Condi's impressive attributes, picking her for VP would be a lunatic move:

1) It is the perfect way to make the general election an endless re-hash of the Bush Teams many mistakes in Iraq. By picking her McCain would endorse those epic fumbles.

2) She would pull exactly 14 black votes away from Barack Obama.

3) She has no special state where she could change the Electoral College math; she is a political non-entity in her home state of California.

4) Condi is a policy person, not a candidate type professional pol. Beware first timers playing in the Workd Series.

A patriot and impressive person yes, but a badly over-thought idea as veep. But not to worry, this hype is just silly hype. She'll never make McCain's short list.