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Second Look at the Tories

11:27 AM, Apr 8, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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I was beginning to dismiss Conservative leader David Cameron as a wet blanket. That he was so smug in installing that sissy windmill atop his house. That he led the Tories disgraceful call for an inquiry into the decision to go to war--a war Cameron and his shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, supported initially and now seek to use for political gain. The following news, however, has inspired me to reevaluate.

Teachers will be encouraged to physically restrain disruptive pupils under controversial new plans unveiled by David Cameron. The Conservative leader said he would change the law to allow teachers to physically intervene to search pupils or stop them leaving the classroom.

The proposal forms part of a detailed plan drawn up by the Conservatives to instill classroom discipline which the party says is crucial in improving school standards.

Mr Cameron said: "It is acceptable for teachers to feel they can be physical. It is not acceptable to wallop children but teachers should be able to put out their hand and grab them. There does need to be a restoration of common sense…a wave of political correctness has hit schools.

What's next? The birch? Alas, Cameron specifically ruled out corporal punishment, but this is a good compromise. No longer will British teachers be cyber-bullied and bullied-bullied. One other reason to support the Tories: the Labor Education Secretary is named Ed Balls. Surely British schools kids would take Parliament more seriously if the MP in charge of their education had a different last name.