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Spencer Ackerman's Dignity Doctrine

11:31 PM, Apr 7, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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This post appeared on Spencer Ackerman's blog this afternoon:

Forgive me, but this post is for the dudes. You know how you come out of the shower -- at the gym, say -- and you're toweling off, and you feel all dry, but then you put on your underwear and you realize: Dammit, I forgot to dry under my [...]. Sometimes I wonder, could you pay someone enough to dry your [...] area for you?

Anyway, after I read this review of Heads In The Sand I finally realized: so that's why Marty keeps this dude around.

--Spencer Ackerman

The review in question was written by Jamie Kirchick, former assistant to TNR editor Marty Peretz and a frequent contributor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Jamie is also gay, in case Ackerman didn't make that entirely clear in his post.

There's no way this kind of thing would be tolerated at any respectable institution on the right, but according to the New York Times, Ackerman will be moving his blog to the website of the liberal Center for American Progress later this month. One wonders if the flagship think-tank of the progressive movement will think twice before moving his archives as well.