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The 100 Year Retreat

4:05 PM, Apr 7, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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Apparently the beating the Obama campaign is taking for this distortion has forced a general retreat. But left out of this clip is Obama's most offensive distortion of McCain's comment. Obama said over the weekend that McCain "wants to continue this war in Iraq maybe for another 100 years."

McCain "now suggests," is bad. McCain "is willing to send our troops into another hundred years of war," is worse. But McCain "wants" to continue the war for another 100 years? No decent person would "want" to continue the war, and Obama makes it sounds as though McCain prefers combat to victory--that if there was an opportunity for peace on favorable terms, McCain would instigate more fighting. It's an attack on McCain's character, and it's an attack based on an outright lie. How wonderful to be rid of the old-style politics...