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Attack Ad Preview

9:22 AM, Apr 3, 2008 • By GARY ANDRES
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This new Gallup poll asks an interesting open-ended question, probing why Americans say they oppose a particular candidate. It says something about the state of the campaign today, but also points to probable attack ads just over the horizon.

When it comes to Obama, "inexperience" (39%) is by far the reason given most, followed by lack of "trust" (15%) and that he's "Muslim" (12%).

Clinton's detractors point to lack of trust (24%), followed by they "don't want Bill Clinton back in the White House" (18%) and then they just "don't like her" (16%).

Finally, John McCain gets tagged with his position on the Iraq War (27%), and GOP brand problems: "he's too much like Bush/need a change" (25%) and "he's a Republican" (23%).

These numbers are somewhat interesting in and of themselves--although not entirely surprising. But they also clearly foreshadow the major lines of attack each party's nominee will use against the opposition in the general election.