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Democrats Don't Even Remember Election Promises

4:01 PM, May 13, 2008 • By BRIAN FAUGHNAN
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Harry Reid and the Democrats promised in 2006

The Frist & Hastert Reform: Prohibit "Dead of Night" Special Interest Provisions. Require that all conference committee meetings be open to the public and that members of the conference committee have a public opportunity to vote on all amendments.

Yesterday Democrats announced agreement on a conference report for the federal budget:

Senate and House budget writers have reached a compromise on a budget resolution that could be taken up by both bodies as soon as next week, said Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad.

"We reached agreement," Conrad said Monday. "We reached agreement on Friday night..."

The compromise clears the way for congressional leaders to name members to a conference committee.

"So we are ready now for the House and Senate to name conferees," Conrad said. "We expect that will be done this week and we could perhaps have a conference either late this week or early next."

In retrospect, the Republicans simply weren't very efficient. Too often they named Democratic conferees and then made key decisions without them. Democrats are far more efficient: making all the decisions before any conferees are even named.