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Israel's Response to the Speech

5:59 PM, May 15, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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As President Bush's speech today continues to cause the Democratic party to spiral into spluttering, expletive-spewing fury, it's worth taking a step back for a moment and asking what the reaction of the Israelis seated at the Knesset was to the supposedly controversial remarks. Were they shocked and outraged? Did they think it was, as Senator Biden so eloquently put it, "malarkey"--or a partisan attack on Barack Obama?

Not so much it appears. Check out the video.

The response from the Israeli parliamentarians, as Joe Lieberman pointed out a few hours ago on Fox, wasn't shock, but hearty applause. Perhaps that's because they agree with what President Bush said--which, after all, is something that every American President, Democrat and Republican, since World War II has similarly recognized: it's a very, very bad idea for democracies to negotiate with terrorists, or to appease fanatical dictatorial regimes.

Would that the presumptive Democratic nominee and his proxies felt the same way…