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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

4:19 PM, May 5, 2008 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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McClatchy reports:

In Indiana, ahead of Tuesday's primary, Obama supporters can go to a campaign web page devoted to the state, type in their ZIP codes and locate the closest pro-Obama group, such as Bloomington for Obama, or Central Indiana for Obama....

The networks ultimately created legions of contributors....

One highly successful strategy, he said, entails inviting supporters to match contributions from first-time donors - a process that ends with the two donors emailing each other about how and why they got involved in the campaign.

In December 2003, the New York Times magazine ran a piece on the Howard Dean phenomenon. The piece opened with the story of Clay Johnson, a 26-year-old whose girlfriend had recently dumped him. Johnson laid "on the floor in a fetal position and remained there for days, occasionally sipping from an old carton of orange juice," but Howard Dean finally gave him "a reason to get up off the floor."

So too with Obama, it seems that some of his supporters are looking to fill a void in their lives that goes far beyond politics. Sharing conversion stories via email is just plain creepy, but maybe for those malcontents who don't cling to religion, accepting Obama as their political lord and savior is enough to get them off the floor. Prozac would probably help, too, or Scientology.