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Norway Will Fight the Taliban

12:01 PM, May 29, 2008 • By BILL ROGGIO
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We know that elite German commandos are not permitted to kill known Taliban commanders, even if they are behind the most gruesome suicide attacks in Afghanistan to date or are directly targeting German soldiers or civilians. The Taliban, on the other hand, are eager to kill German soldiers and civilians. How do some of the other NATO allies respond to Taliban attacks in northwestern Afghanistan?

It seems the Norwegians are more than willing to kill Taliban. During several days in May, Norwegian forces based in Badghis province came under attack, and they responded forcefully. Thirteen Taliban were killed during the battles.

Major Rune Wenneberg said the Taliban rebels conducted "a well-coordinated assault" from a distance of about 1,200 meters against Norway's Telemark Battalion.

"The only dramatic moments were the first few seconds," Wenneberg claimed. "Then we did what we've been training to do at Rena, seize the initiative and respond with massive, precise fire."

The Taliban have been attempting to expand their influence from the southwestern provinces into the northwestern provinces. Badghis is at the center of this push, but the Norwegians aren't likely to give much ground. Unfortunately, their German neighbors don't seem to posses the same fighting spirit.