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Richelieu: The Funhouse Mirror

1:57 PM, May 4, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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Hyperventilated spin often creates a alternative reality that is both specious and still formidable. The hubbub over the Louisiana special election is a perfect example. The NRCC tries the usual -- and seldom very effective -- tactic of trying to tie the formidable local Democrat candidate to a more liberal national Democrat, in this case Barack Obama. The Clinton spin machine grabs onto this, desperate as they are for any ammunition in their Dump The Sure Loser Obama offensive. The GOP candidate then loses, because this is a lousy GOP year and the local Democrat was conservative enough (pro-gun and anti-abortion) to slide by in this southern district. Now the Obama campaign can declare that attacks on Obama actually backfire and elect Democrat Congressional candidates in Republican districts. We need Obama in the general election!

In other words, no matter what the outcome of the Louisiana election, both sides were ready to solemnly declare that wet streets cause rain. It is all ridiculous since neither Obama nor Clinton had much to do with the outcome. But through the funhouse mirror of superdelegate spin this result will help Obama a bit, just as a GOP win would have buttressed Clinton.

Which brings us to the 7 vote victory in Guam for Obama, proof that the canny Guamian swing voters clearly prefer change to experience. So Obama is surging to a comeback after the Wright fiasco. Or wait, I've got a urgent mass email here from the Clinton High Command. Clinton's narrow defeat in Guam -- and by the way there are serious questions about voting irregularities and women being denied to the right to vote in Guam, just like their sisters in Florida and Michigan by the male dominated Obama machine and its Chicago trained henchmen -- shows a growing Obama weakness. For a white female candidate to come so close in heavily ethnic Guam shows a tremendous level of strength. A New Day is here!

(Particularly when you consider that the Obama forces outspent the Clinton campaign in free Pineapple giveaways by nearly 6 to 1!)

Now on to Indiana, and -- thank God -- some delegates.

P.S. -- Wonk Alert. What the Hell is a Guam citizen called? Guamian? Guamite? I'd propose Guammie. But email the answer to me care of the Weekly Standard.