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Richelieu: Toast

9:20 AM, May 7, 2008 • By RICHELIEU
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She knows it. You could tell during her speech. As she slogged gamely through the new sound-bites somebody gave her, a final concession speech kept breaking through. She became animated when thanking family and volunteers, then robotic and hollow as she promised to fight on. But she knows the score now. Her money is gone and her debt is mounting. She knows that the race was mathematically gone weeks ago, but that an upset yesterday would have given a narrow window to possibly overturn Obama's hold on the superdelegates. It was that narrow reed of hope that kept her going. Instead, it was Obama who beat expectations last night. He crushed her in North Carolina and lost Indiana only by a slim margin margin (as predicted here last week). Indiana was indeed the tie-breaker. It was a tie, which broke her. Now it is truly over.

I think she's out in a week or less.