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Obama to Visit Europe, Not Iraq

8:14 AM, Jun 16, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Obama will tour Europe, not Iraq, in his first overseas trip as his party's nominee. The Guardian reports,

Barack Obama is planning his first overseas trip since he launched his US presidential bid in February last year - and Britain is pencilled in as part of a possible European tour next month.

Being photographed alongside foreign leaders during overseas trips is an important part of any electioneering but particularly for Obama, who faces frequent criticism from McCain that he lacks foreign policy experience. For a politician of his stature, Obama, 46, is not well-traveled--though he has made a brief stopover in the UK before.

This is typical thinking on the part of left-wing European tabloids, but what the Guardian (and apparently Obama) doesn't understand about U.S. politics is that Americans could care less whether our president knows how to hold the cup properly while sipping tea with the Queen. Instead of mixing it up with the landed gentry, Obama would learn more about being commander-in-chief from a trip to meet American and Iraqi military leaders. Or is he so afraid of what he might learn that traveling to Iraq is to become just another empty promise from the Democratic demagogue?