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Hungry for the Truth?

10:53 AM, Jun 9, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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A 9/11 conspiracy theorist is on Day 15 of a hunger strike outside the Phoenix office of John McCain, and says he won't leave until the senator hears out his wacky views that the U.S. government planned the attacks. When asked how he thinks this will end, Blair Gadsby inadvertently reveals the full-extent of his delusions of persecution:

Gadsby knows it's a long shot that McCain will meet with him. …

He figured his fast would end with him passing out and being carted away by supporters.

Isn't that a scene from Spiderman 2? Remember when Spiderman faces off against Doctor Octopus in the subway? Oh, and did I mention Gadsby is an adjunct professor of religious studies at a local community college?