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Will Smith, Great Judge of Character

9:59 AM, Jun 27, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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When it comes to endorsing pols, Will Smith is very particular. "Nelson Mandela is kind of the one person I've said yes to," says Smith. "And Barack Obama was probably only the second person that I've really to this level said yes to." Note that world leaders come to Smith-not the other way around. And why shouldn't they? As Smith tells it, "I think I'm a pretty good judge if someone's a good person. So I just lend my support to people that I believe are good people."

Fear not, there are more than three righteous men in the world. Counting Smith's buddies, Earth has its minion. Consider Slick Rick, who Smith sent a letter of support in 2002 when a little misunderstanding resulted in Rick's arrest for illegally trying to reenter the United States. Ever the shrewd judge of character, why wouldn't Smith stand up for this British rapper's right to visit our fair land? After all, it's not as though Slick Rick killed somebody. No, blessed Rick had only pled guilty to and served time in jail for attempted murder.

Lest we forget, Smith also counts Tom Cruise among his dearest friends. I certainly can think of no more upstanding a man in all of Los Angeles. Oh, did I mention Smith is a scientologist?