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A Very Crowded House at Pooh Corner

11:30 AM, Jul 18, 2008 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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The New York Times reports that Barack Obama has "a huge 300-person foreign policy campaign bureaucracy, organized like a mini State Department, to assist a candidate whose limited national security experience remains a concern to many voters."

Jennifer Rubin riffs:

Barack Obama has 300 advisors on foreign policy. What?? That includes the Winnie-the-Pooh fellow and 299 other "experts" who, we are led to believe, didn't catch Obama's "syntax" error on "undivided Jerusalem." Did not one of the 300 know about the history of presidential summitry?

And none of them thought it might have saved a heap of trouble for Obama if once during his primary campaign he had a briefing with General Petraeus or trip to Iraq?

What I don't understand is what Obama's campaign thinks this mini-State Department can tell him that he doesn't already know. On Good Morning America last year, Obama explained how his foreign policy experience was superior to his rivals because he studied abroad and "majored in international relations":

MS. ROBERTS: As you know, Iraq is such a concern with the American public. And, you're calling for a slight withdrawal of troops. And, I need to ask you this: are you concerned that your lack of experience when it comes to foreign policy may hurt your chances in the run for the White House?

SEN. OBAMA: Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field. I mean, I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas. You know, I majored in international relations.