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But When Will Obama Visit Arrogant Town?

9:56 AM, Jul 1, 2008 • By JAIME SNEIDER
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Barack Obama visited Independence, Missouri, yesterday to assure people that he doesn't have a patriotism problem. The day before he was in Unity, New Hampshire, to assure Democratic party insiders, in a joint appearance with Hill-Dog, that he doesn't have a unity problem. No word yet on when Obama will visit Dissapointment, Kentucky, to dispute the notion that the strength of his ideas really doesn't match up with the power of his rhetoric. Then it's off to Toad Suck, Arkansas, to say he isn't a toad suck. The campaign concludes in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Their candidate may not have won, but Obama's smart-alec staff can take pride in having found a city in America named after every message of the day. And they can look forward to a post-election holiday in Hell, Michigan.