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Sunday Show Wrap-Up

7:57 AM, Jul 7, 2008 • By SONNY BUNCH
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Barack Obama's policy adjustments (read: flip flops) were the main topics of discussion on Sunday morning's talk shows. On This Week, Joe Lieberman said that "what's significant about what's happened in the last week, frankly in the last month since Sen. Obama clinched the nomination, is how many big positions--Iraq, Iran, free trade, the death penalty--that Sen. Obama has moved to alter his position on." Lieberman argued that Obama is moving closer to John McCain on every major position, a sign that McCain's judgment is clearly superior to his younger colleague's.

Lindsey Graham drove the point home on Face the Nation with regard to the most important issue of the day: Iraq. "The big test for this country is how do you avoid losing in Iraq? If we were to listen to Barack Obama, we would've lost. If we listen to him now, we will lose in the future and undercut all the gains we've made. We're winning because John McCain understood Iraq better than anybody else. The surge has worked. The political, economic and military progress in Iraq is undeniable. The biggest loser in Iraq is al-Qaeda because the Muslims in Iraq joined with us and turned on them and they've punished al-Qaeda in Iraq."

Mara Liasson, meanwhile, argued on Fox News Sunday that these moves weren't necessarily crippling for Obama. "He can weather this [the flip flopping], the left wing base is not going to go vote for McCain--he has a partisan, resurgent party that wants to win. I think the total effect, though, is that he's not so much a new politician any more; he looks a lot more typical and politics as usual. Now: In a year when the Democrats have the wind to their back, I don't know if that really hurts him."